Bone Marrow Donation Links

Here’s some of what I found during my search for information about the bone marrow/PBSC donation process.

If you visit just one link on this page, click on this:

  • Be the Match, website of the National Marrow Donor Program. NMDP is the world’s largest bone marrow/PBSC and cord blood registry, listing more than 8 million individuals. As of January 2010 (according to Wikipedia), the NMDP had facilitated more than 38,000 transplants worldwide, and mine will add to that number. The site has information on everything from how to register to the search and matching process to details of the procedure, as well as videos and a blog with donor stories. An amazing resource.

Other bone marrow/PBSC donor registries:

PBSC and surgical bone marrow donors’ personal accounts:

PBSC and bone marrow donations in the news:

Some videos about PBSC donation (there are many, many more online):

Helpful websites for both donors and patients:


2 responses to “Bone Marrow Donation Links

  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing me as a link! Love the blog and I’d love to hear your story. I donated through PBSC, too. Amazing, isn’t it?

  2. bonemarrowdonationstory

    You are very welcome, and agreed–the whole thing is truly amazing!

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